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I've had a unique professional career, combining my knowledge of facilitation with visualization to enable collaboration and insight. I am thrilled to currently work with the good people at SecondMuse as Creative Director, Practice Group. 

Learn more about me and my portfolio below.


Helping a group of people unravel its complex story, and see its big picture allows them to address issues and move forward with alignment and innovation. Information mapping projects are some of the most challenging and interesting—each project is a puzzle to solve, not knowing where the breakthroughs will take place and the final communication piece will land. I wrote about these types of projects in a chapter I contributed to The World of Visual Facilitation entitled: Storymap Project Lessons: A Designer’s Perspective. I am a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and, as Creative Director of The Grove Consultants International, co-presented to that group in 2020 on “The Art of The Strategy Map” with colleague Nevada Lane. 


I have enjoyed traditional branding work, knowing that successful branding lifts an organization to new heights. My portfolio does not express all of my brand management efforts through decades of marketing for The Grove Consultants International. I’ve also designed many publications currently in The Grove’s product line. For each product I create, I seek clarity in the process and writing, and hope to stimulate creativity with engaging design. My favorite projects are the Compass workbooks that help people visualize and design new futures for themselves. 

Illustration allows me to tell stories that delight or intrigue people. Whether I’m highlighting the trails of San Francisco’s Presidio or taking a light-hearted approach to Zoom Fatigue, I thoroughly enjoy the aesthetic experience. I explore different styles as a way to stay fresh. I do most of my work in Adobe illustrator, although I am currently dabbling in Procreate. If you hadn’t already guessed by looking through my illustrations, I am an avid gardener and have created many opportunities to represent my passion for nature. 



After receiving my degree in Design from UCLA, and while working as a designer, I spent much of my free time painting and exhibited my work for about 10 years. During that time I was interviewed about my work by the San Francisco Examiner. I am most proud of the show at The San Jose Museum of Art titled “Domestic Odyssey.” I collaborated with the museum curator to design the catalog for that show as well. The inspiration for much of my work primarily comes from immediate surroundings—neighborhood landscapes, signage, domestic textures, and ephemera. I have done most of my work in oil and wax on canvas, but have also created works on paper. My personal artwork has taken the back seat since becoming a mother, but we'll see, I may pick up the brushes again soon.


I’m lucky to have a husband who is also a creative person. At times we team on projects together—he respects my eye for design and storytelling, and I am in awe of his illustration prowess. Prior to having our kids, we both volunteered for 826 Valencia in San Francisco, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting under-resourced students with their writing. In 2003, I headed up a group of volunteers to turn a dilapidated classroom at Everett Middle School into a dazzling and coveted Writer’s Room. We pulled off an amazing transformation in one week’s time. It was the only interior design project I’d ever attempted. Shortly after that, I had my first son and five and a half years later, his brother arrived. I’ve been fortunate to balance my career with motherhood. Being a mom is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. 

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